Nicolas Winding Refn's Next Film Will Be I Walk With The Dead


Drive and Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn has announced his next film, and it's one we've been hearing about for several years now.

Carey Mulligan became attached to I Walk With the Dead back in 2011, not long after working with Refn on Drive, though it's unclear if she's still on board now 4 years down the line. Screenwriter Polly Stenham has described the film as an all-female horror flick, and it may be Refn's answer to some charges that he hasn't utilize women properly in his past films.

No more specific plot details than that, though Refn's tweet does indicate a location change may be in order. While exotic locales like Tokyo and Miami had been bandied about for the project in the past, it now appears he may be returning to the setting of Drive, Los Angeles. Or he'll shoot it there, at the very least.

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