Nicole Kidman Is Grace Of Monaco – First Trailer For Oliver Dahan's Biopic Of Princess Grace

Grace Kelly was an actress who married into royalty and is therefore exactly the role model some scary parents would want for their daughters. She became a go-to example of great beauty and decorum in the late 20th Century. Of course, she was also a woman, with an inner life that, to be honest, I don't know even the tiniest thing about.

This trailer paddles around in the beauty and opulence but doesn't even hint at the personality behind the super-expensive facade. Hopefully the film will. Hopefully this will give Nicole Kidman a chance to play the Princess Grace as a human being and not a well-painted portrait in a gold frame.


I haven't liked a single film from director Olivier Dahan before now but this time, at least, he's working for a well-liked screenplay.