"No Denying She's A Funny Girl That Belle" Once Upon A Time Season 6 Details Revealed

We're so desperate for more season 6 Once Upon a Time news, aren't we Oncers? Well, we got a bit more of it today as talk of Belle's character came to Zap2It. We haven't had much development with the bookworm, though she always seems to be an essential part of the success stories no matter which character we're dealing with. Now the focus will turn towards her a bit more.


Adam Horowitz shared:

"As soon as the premiere episode, we'll be digging into Belle's story…She won't be trapped for long."

Emilie de Ravin who plays Belle added:

"She comes out of the box. She's back in Storybrooke, and you learn a lot about Belle and her family in the process."

(Read the full story here.)


We've had bits of information about Belle's family here and there, but nothing too substantial. It will be nice to see how things unfold. What do you think the fate of her relationship with Rumple will be?


While the central focus will certainly be on Regina and her Evil Queen counterpart, it's nice to know a bit more about where this season is headed. Though the echo of "You can't destroy our darkness," is hard to forget. Check out the latest teaser for Once Upon a Time below and get ready for the premiere on September 25th at 8p.m. on ABC.