Noomi Rapace Out Of Alien: Covenant Entirely?

noomi_rapaceAt the end of Prometheus, it seemed as though star Noomi Rapace and her character, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, would remain the lead in at lease one subsequent film as director Ridley Scott continues his exploration of the origins of the alien space jockey glimpsed in the original Alien.

But things change.

Since Prometheus 2 received the definitive name Alien: Covenant, Scott has been saying Rapace would appear in a smaller role as the story shifted focus to the crew of the colony ship Covenant. They would eventually meet David, the android aboard the Prometheus, linking their story up to the earlier film. Now, according to the Daily Mail (via HeyUGuys), it seems Rapace will not appear at all.

Scott offered a definitive "no" when asked about the actress.

Of course, this could be a game of telephone and Scott could be misquoted, but job security isn't exactly a hallmark of the Alien franchise.

While other roles are still to be cast, Alien: Covenant will feature Katherine Waterston as the new lead. Michael Fassbender is expected to return as David, but even that could be up in the air as Scott's ever-shifting Alien prequel series solidifies into complete films.

Alien: Covenant opens on October 6th, 2017.