Not One But Two Paranormal Activity Movies Set For 2013

2013 is going to be twice as Paranormal as… er… normal. As well as the expected Hallowe'en release for Paranormal Activity 5, there's set to be a new spin-off project released in the Spring. I asked producer Jason Blum about this just last week, but he wasn't forthcoming – now Deadline have finagled the scoop.

This spin-off is to focus on some latino characters and will be partly in Spanish. There's a teaser for it after the end credits of Paranormal Activity 4. It's going to be written by Michael Landon, who's been working on the series as long as there's been sequels, but this time he's also going to direct.  This "branch" film is to feature the same demon as the "main trunk" movies.

The Ventura County Star have the title of the new film – it's The Oxnard Tapes. Curiously, they quote Jason Blum as saying:

The movie doesn't take place in Oxnard at the moment, but that may change because we're still in development. The way we do these films, the story evolves as we make them.

According to Deadline's report, the latino audience have been important to the Paranormal Activity films. Essentially, what we're looking at is a sequel built on a market research finding.

Sounds cynical, but it won't matter if the film is good. I'll be interested to see if non-latino audiences embrace the film in the way they keen returning to the "main" Paranormal pictures.