Now Pulp Fiction Has Been Recut Into Chronological Order – Watch It Here

It's a popular misconception that the non-linear structure of Pulp Fiction is nothing but a conceit, and perhaps a vain one, or something simply used to "keep things interesting." It is, instead, an integral part of how the film builds its meanings and creates its impact upon the audience.

So, who would ever want a chronological re-edit of the film is beyond me. But now that there is one, I've just spent a little while skipping through it, looking at the new juxtapositions and trying to get a handle on how some stories and characters are left to go cold.

It would appear that the film still ends on some kind of climax, though not one that pays off the full, over-arching set of concerns and themes, as per the original. I'd no longer be so adamant that Jules is the protagonist of "the whole thing."

And we've certainly lost the "resurrection" motif.

I'd have to watch it in full to see how the pacing is effected, but I can't see how something so delicate would survive this shift intact.

Anyway, here it is, in full, should you want to dabble.

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for the heads up.