NYCC '15: Gamera Is Still The Friend Of All Children In New Trailer

Shown yesterday at New York Comic Con, a new trailer for the upcoming Gamera reveals that despite a darker tone, the giant radioactive turtle is still the friend of all children. Even if he has to nuke a horde of Gyaos to protect them.


Director Katsuhito Ishii premiered the footage at the Gamera 50th Anniversary event. According to Anime News Network, it's part of a longer video that will debut at Tokyo International Film Festival in a few weeks.

An attempt by Japanese studio Daiei to match rival Toho's Gojira (Godzilla), Gamera starred in a series of giant monster films from 1965-1971. In almost all of his outings, Gamera would befriend and protect a child or group of children from monsters like Guiron and Zigra. The films gained some prominence in the states both as a staple of local television film festivals and through regular appearances on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in its third season. While not as popular as the King of All Monsters, he has attracted a loyal following.

Gamera returned for a film trilogy in the late 1990s and made his most recent screen outing in 2006's Gamera the Brave. It appears the new project will follow its example with a more serious tone.