NYCC Screens Doctor Who: Mummy On The Orient Express

Amanda Gurall writes for Bleeding Cool:

Spoilers ahead.

BBC America hosted their first NYCC Doctor Who screening last night in the Empire stage. No panel or guest stars but it was really fun to watch Mummy on the Orient Express with other con going whovians.

doctorwho_s08e08_featureIt was the end of a long day, and someone requested that the DJ play 'Cotten Eyed Joe' so dozens of people got up to dance.  I haven't seen nerds move that fast since, well, the queue line opened that morning.

The crowd response overall was positive, it seemed most people enjoyed the mystery. I was glad the episode had a more consistent plot although Clara's 180 and deception at the end might be considered less so.  We didn't see Missy but I am wondering if she isn't the string puller behind yet another artificial intelligence ensnaring the Doctor.  The mummy being an "ancient soldier with malfunctioning tech" went from a horror to an empathetic soul and was handled well and not as a random flip as has happened in the past.

Capaldi was once again sharp and hit all the right notes.  Loved that he carries Jelly Babies in a cigarello case!  He is unravelling layers weekly and there were some really touching moments here. Deflecting with space history when Clara brings up her last hurrah, being confused (or not) by her sad smile…and the end scenes were so quietly emotional we can imagine the turmoil and heart brewing under those eyebrows.

It will be interesting to see if Jenkins turns out to be anything more than he seems, as the music did change when he declined the role as companion. I understand the actor Frank Skinner may not be the type to become a series regular but there may end up being more to his character in some way. Either that or Moffat is just red herring it as he tends to do! Time will tell.

I know I speak for the crowd at the screening when I say BBC America, please bring more Doctor Who to next years con! We could definitely do with a few panels and another screening event.

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