Official Image Of Sacha Baron Cohen As (Unofficially) Saddam Hussein

Here's how I set up the premise of The Dictator before:

According to the CIA, the romance novel Zabibah and the King was written by ghostwriters on behalf of Sadam Hussein. That such a book even exists seems rather unlikely, but seeing as it does, I'm really not at all surprised that Sacha Baron Cohen is turning it into a film.

This story, at least as portrayed in the film, sees a Middle Eastern dictator wandering the streets New York and falling for a the owner of an organic produce store, as portrayed by Anna Faris. Hilarity ensues? Yes, probably.

The first official image from the film has been released, showing Baron Cohen in his dictator garb.

Looks like I tripped myself up before when I forecast some tasty 'stache action. They've gone for the "Bosun Bob" instead.

Cohen's previous two collaborations with director Larry Charles were angry, raging films. I'm hoping for a hat trick.