Our First Look At Andrew Garfield As Peter Parker

Our First Look At Andrew Garfield As Peter Parker

The paparazzi finally caught up with Andrew Garfield, the new Peter Parker, while he was in the midst of filming Marc Webb's Spider-Man. Indeed, they even got a shot of him kissing Emma Stone. That was presumably from during a take, and not from between, right? Right?

Our First Look At Andrew Garfield As Peter ParkerThe collection of images – which can be seen in full at Just Jared – don't reveal too many obvious things. We knew Parker and Stacy would be a couple, so the kiss is hardly a bombshell. The characters' dress sense is on show, of course, but that's hardly spoiler material (as interesting as I might personally find it). And I don't know how much it matters that they went and hung out in the bleechers…

Talking of bleechers, don't forget this mysterious casting cal for extras from November:


Looking for Extras for many Scenes…."Panic in the City"……
Based on Action Comic Book…….

(All Types, Ages & Ethncities)

Some Scenes:
Baseball Stadium Scene, Airport Scene, Subway Scene, Street Scene

Due to the timing and location, this casting call now seems sure to have been referring to Spider-Man. So, now we can expect some panic in the streets… and subways, an airport and a baseball stadium. But how so? And why? Surely that's a lot of hysteria for one man-Lizard to create?