Paramount Don't Want Dune, They Want The Martian Chronicles

Paramount Don't Want Dune, They Want The Martian ChroniclesParamount Pictures have been shopping. The same studio that just a few weeks back tossed aside the in-development movie of Dune have now shelled out for the rights to Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles.

Whereas Dune has a pretty clean central plotline, albeit one surrounded by a kaleidoscope of invented contexts, Chronicles is structured in a much more fragmented fashion, compiling a series of short narratives into three basic arrangements: mankind's first encounters with the martians; mankind's attempt to colonise the planet Mars; and the after effects of a global war on Earth for the martian colonists.

This isn't a project where a character arc for a central protagonist has to be found, it's one where it has to be flat out invented. I imagine that whoever adapts the book will do just a thing, because the sort of budget this film will require just doesn't get spent on films without clear leading characters. Not in Hollywood. Not anywhere.

The Hollywood Reporter say that John Davis will produce the adaptation. He's also working on Locke & Key and Soderbergh's Man From Uncle so not everything in his resume is as off-putting as AVPR, Norbit or Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts.

I'll get my gooseflesh for this one (either way, chilled or thrilled) when I hear who the creatives are going to be.