Patton Oswalt To Join New Mystery Science Theater 3000

pattonoswaltIn creator Joel Hodgson's most recent Kickstarter update, he revealed comedian Patton Oswalt will be the new evil henchman, the second half of "The Mads" to befuddle new host Jonah Ray with cheesy movies.

"You know, the funny thing is that when we launched our Kickstarter, I hadn't even approached Patton about being on MST3K… but I had thought a lot about getting him involved," wrote Hodgson. He initially planned to approach Oswalt as a "guest writer," but began to envision him in the costume of TV's Frank, the mad assistant played by Frank Conniff in seasons 2-6 of the original series. "I figured maybe he'd be Frank's son, or at least a clone. But yeah: the idea of Patton wearing black lab assistant's garb, with a big mound of silver hair and a spitcurl…? It was just really funny to me, in a visual / cross-referential / meta kind of way."

The comedian enthusiastically agreed to the idea and suggested the character be called "TV's Son of TV's Frank."

As with Ray, comedians Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yont, and new mad scientist Felicia Day, Oswalt will not be confirmed until the Kickstater ends and Hodgson knows how many episodes he'll actually make. With an end goal of twelve episodes, the campaign is currently a little under $100,000 short of making six episodes possible.