Peter Jackson Admits To Winging It On Hobbit Trilogy

In a rather frank video from the recently released The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition (via JoBlo), members of the production team and director Peter Jackson discuss the enormous time pressure the films were under. Following the departure of original director Guillermo del Toro, Jackson to the helm and quickly moved into production much faster than he would've liked.

"We didn't wind the clock back a year and a half and give me a year and a half prep to design the movie I was going to make, which was different to what he was doing," he said. "You're going on to a set and you're winging it, you've got these massively complicated scenes, no storyboards and you're making it up there and then on the spot." Jackson would excuse the crew for long lunch breaks to work out shots. He also admitted this lack of time impacted the scripts as well, never quite getting them where he wanted them.

The video reveals the stresses involved for Jackson and his team and Jackson's ultimate need to shut down filming of the actual Battle of the Five Armies and properly prep the sequence.


The Extended Editions of all six Jackson's Middle-earth films are now available.