Peter Jackson Not Involved In Middle-earth Ultimate Blu-ray Collection

When news broke last week of an $800 The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings Ultimate Collectors Edition box set, fans were both elated by the news, then crushed when they discovered the set — while lavishly presented in wooden bookcase — would contain collector's edition discs they already owned. In fact, the set lacks the 3D editions of the The Hobbit films or the Lord of the Rings documentaries directed by Costa Botes from previous editions.

But according to the, director Peter Jackson and Appendices producer Michael Pellerin approached Warner Bros. Home Entertainment two years ago about creating new documentaries about the making of the Lord of the Rings using elements not previously released. WHE passed on the project citing the expense of scanning new materials from the negative itself and the low projected return on the investment.

And as seen in the following video, Jackson, via his production company Wingnut Films, called ORN's account "basically factual." Further, Jackson confirmed that he is not involved in the Middle-earth Limited Collector's Edition. But he added that he hopes WHE will support his planed documentary for a 25th Anniversary release.

The statement from Wingut Films and Jackon begins at 1:11:37:

A handful of well-known alternate scenes have never made it to a home video release, including Arwen fighting at the Battle of Helm's Deep, Eowyn confronting an Orc in the Glittering Caves, Elrond and Arwen's visit to Lorien ahead of Helm's Deep and a partially filmed Epilogue revealing the passing of the Fellowship.

If those things were included, it would go a long way to making the box set more attractive, but probably still not worth the $600 price point Amazon is displaying on its pre-order page and definitely not the original $800 asking price.