Piranha 3D Spoiler Pic

I'm going to put a rather spoilery picture from Alexandre Aja's upcoming Piranha 3D some way further down in this post, and also explain what's going on in it. I won't be spoiling the entire film, just one particularly amusing "kill" of… potentially a major character.

At first, I didn't really know how to fill some space here and push the spoiler off screen, but then I remembered this completely irrelevant image:

And now, your spoiler. You'll recognise this as Kelly Brook, perhaps from her face or – if you've seen the trailer – from what she's wearing and what she's doing.

So now we know how Ms. Brook is going to get got. And it looks like it would sting a bit.

Image found in the Twitter feed of Anne Bilson, who scanned it from Mad Movies.