Portman's Complaint: Everybody Wants Her For Their Movies

Here's a side-story to the last bit of Natalie Portman business we had to deal with.

As well as being offered the lead role in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, there are other writers and directors in pursuit of Ms. Portman's collaboration.

According to Risky Business, Terrence Malick wants her for a Jerry Lee Lewis movie he's planning; and Tom Stoppard, Bleeding Cool's preferred playwright, is wanting to write "something" for her.

The Malick film is apparently being developed with Brad Pitt. Is the idea that Pitt will play Lewis? Furthermore, I'd assume that Portman is too old to be a candidate for the role Myra, of his child-bride/first cousin once removed, so what role would she be up for?

Stoppard, meanwhile, has been speaking of his desire to die by bookcase. Here's the quote from Tatler by way of The Telegraph:

I have a spasm of envy for the person that was killed by a falling bookcase, as long as it doesn't happen prematurely. [It] would be a good way to go. You went when you were in a good frame of mind and you were doing something pleasant and interesting. A lot of people would say, 'I would rather have a heart attack at the height of sexual passion.' On the whole, I would prefer to be killed by a bookcase.

On a slightly more relevant note, he says:

Everybody I know is writing plays twice a year. It's sort of making me feel I am not up to much.

Note that Risky Business don't specify that it's a film Mr. Stoppard is writing for Ms. Portman, and it could very easily be a play. It's probably more than just a valentine's card. And it's probably going to take some time to be finished.

It seems like the Aronofsky effect is in full tilt again, with Portman now reaping the awards enjoyed by Mickey Rourke after his performance in The Wrestler.