Poster And Airdate For New Series Of Doctor Who – Hi-Res UPDATE

The new series of Doctor Who has its first official poster, and here it is:

UPDATE: From io9, this big version has appeared. Click on it a couple times to reach full size.

Okay, so it's the Doctor in America, a tagline and and an airdate. Simple. Moon landing conspiracy nuts might like to analyse the green glow on the Doctor's left side in view of the green light source, his sonic screwdriver being in his right hand, down to his right hand side. The rest of us will probably just ignore that.

The poster premiered at EW.

If the BBC America screenings are starting on April 23rd, I'll guess that the UK ones are too – it's Easter Saturday over here and the BBC love premiering Who on holidays; and the Christmas episode went day-and-date on both sides of the Atlantic, so I'm guessing that's the new deal.

The UK will still have a few hours lead time, and therefore bragging rights. And is BBC America broadcast in HD yet? That might be another advantage we have in Blighty.

By the time I end this paragraph I think Rich will have put a big love-heart sticker on his calendar to mark the date. Bless.