Poster and Trailer For Joe Dante's The Hole 3D

Finally coming to UK cinemas on September 22nd and US cinemas… er… um… one day?… is Joe Dante's The Hole, aka The Hole 3D. That's really what it says on press materials for the film – The Hole 3D. Where the "in" on the poster comes from, I don't know.

How ridiculous. Becky Sharp was never called Becky Sharp Technicolour was it? No. Then, distributors, please stop titling films Yadda Yadda Yadda 3D. It's embarrassing.

The poster above and the trailer below landed with the nice fellas at Hey U Guys.

I think this looks pretty darn good, despite some snooty reviews. It's just the sort of thing Dante does brilliantly, and I'm far from being tired of his style.

Last year, the film won the inaugural Persol 3D award at the Venice Film Festival, ahead of several other notable movies. That too makes me very curious.