This Prank Audition Video For Hollistion Earns Its "Sexual Harrassment" Tag

Adam Green's sitcom Holliston is the first original commission for FearNet. It is, in some respects, a reworking of a reworking of Green's first feature, the $400-budgeted Coffee & Donuts. That picture has gone essentially unseen since it was made over a decade ago – though I can't help but hope it will at least make it to the DVD special features for this new show.

Holliston comes with this blurb:

A riotous and offbeat multi-camera, buddy comedy set in the town of Holliston (near Boston).  Described by its creators as "The Big Bang Theory meets Evil Dead II," the series shines a light on the post-college life where everything is a struggle, and nothing works out like it's supposed to, with terrifyingly funny results as Adam and Joe struggle to become big-time horror filmmakers and make ends meet.

By Adam and Joe they don't mean Buxton and Cornish, but "the other ones", "the American ones",  Green and Lynch, directors of Hatchet and Knights of Badassdom respectively.

The series will premiere this April, and marketing efforts have just begun. Here's the first promo video, with Green auditioning actress Corri English. Not to spoil anything, but the first tag on the YouTube page for this clip is "sexual harrassment."

I think I see where they're going with this… Now perhaps its time to show us some of the Evil Dead II side of things?