Rather Convincing Trailer For New Indie Sci-Fi, Robot & Frank

Robot and Frank could be one of the least conventional buddy films in some time, not to mention one of the steadiest, calmest sci-fi pictures. This trailer probably gives away a touch too much towards the end, but you could always close the window when it gets to 1:50. Maybe 1:25 if you're really wanting to stay unspoiled.

It's great to see Frank Langella get a big meaty role like this, and I reckon his co-headliner could really go places too.

Robot & Frank is the debut feature of director Jake Schreier and screenwriter Christopher D. Ford. They were rewarded with acclaim and the Alfred P. Sloan prize at Sundance, and I expect the film's August 24th release could set their picture up for quick-fire cultdom.

Would have been a pretty good sci-fi dad-date for Father's day, but I guess it wasn't to be.