Ray Park Admits To Taking Role In GI Joe 2

I'm out at dinner, so excuse me for being unprofessional. This story is going to amount to little more than a couple of offhand jokes and a nugget of information.

So, Darth Maul might be making a cameo in Insidious (that's one of the jokes) but the man behind the masque, action man Ray Park, has tweeted that he's coming back for more and reprising the role of Snake Eyes in GI Joe 2.

Good news all! As u might have guessed, I'm coming back to play Snake Eyes for the sequel of G.I JOE, directed by Jon Chu;)

That's the nugget of information.

Er… I'm one joke down. Let's count the headline as a gag and be done with it.

UPDATE: My dinner was very nice, thanks.