Rebel Wilson Is The New Private Benjamin

rebel wilson

It was Anna Faris' role to lose, and it's gone to Rebel Wilson.

New Line and Mark Gordon are cooking up a remake of Private Benjamin, the 80s film that starred Goldie Hawn. Faris seems like Hawn reincarnated, so it's remarkable that the film couldn't get going when she was associated with it a few years back.

I guess a Rebel Wilson version of the same story will make a lot of gags about how she's too big to be in the military. How they plot their way around the compulsory medical will remain to be seen.

The Wrap confirmed the casting but don't know who is writing this tough-chew screenplay. It seems that there's a second female lead to be cast too. Any guesses? I'm sure they'll go out to all the skinnies and see who bites.