Remake Of Plan 9 From Outer Space Now Underway

It's quite popular to say that it's the bad films that should be remade. It's also quite popular to say that Ed Wood Jr.'s Plan 9 From Outer Space is a bad film, if not "the worst film of all time". Bearing this in mind, we may be on the eve of the most popular remake in history going before cameras.

According to an ABC website in Virginia (link via Shock), the Plan 9 remake (called just Plan 9 as if they really wanted to make my abbreviation earlier in the sentence read more awkwardly) starts shooting in Bedford County, Virginia, this weekend.

The film has an official site, complete with a 2009 copyright date. John Johnson is the director, and the cast are unknowns and everything's very much off-the-map and… well, a cynic might see this less as a remake, more of history repeating.

I don't think we can look to the teaser trailer for too many clues because it's two years old. Here it is, anyhow.


I'm keen to see if there's more to this than an attention-grabbing conceit, so I'll be staying tuned to the film's official twitter feed and will keep my ear to the ground for more news.