Remember The Mystery In New Re-release Trailer For The Man Who Fell To Earth

Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Felt To Earth can be a baffling experience. It can also be thrilling as it suggests a lot more than it ever reveals about itself. David Bowie stars as an alien sent to Earth to collect badly needed water supplies, but ends up getting caught up in fame, drugs and all the other wonderful excesses of the 1970s. And while that plot summary seems straight forward, it doesn't even being to hint at what it is like to actually watch it.

In fact, Philip K. Dick was inspired by the film to incorporate a movie like it and a Bowie-esque rock star in to his novel VALIS.

The film has been restored for its fortieth anniversary and will return to UK cinemas next month with a home video release to follow. And as the following trailer cut for the re-release shows, the film still contains its mysterious power.

The Man Who Fell To Earth returns to cinemas in the UK on September 9th and on UK home video on October 24th.