Return Of The Jedi Cast Reunite For Star Wars Celebration Europe


Accompanied on stage by 'Darth Vader' and two Storm Troopers, seven members of the cast of Return of the Jedi posed for a photo today ahead of their participation in Star Wars Celebration Europe this weekend.

They were quizzed by the attending press on a number of Star Wars subjects and you can read a selection of what they had to say below, including information as to who hasn't had a call about the next Star Wars films, a brief update on Chewie and even something about actor Mark Goddard.

On the next generation of Star Wars fans and the enduring appeal of Star Wars,

Ian McDiarmid

George [Lucas] has always said that the first three movies are loved by many people but young kids would like the three prequels more than others would. And it's absolutely true. What's extraordinary about it is that they seem to get younger. Four year-olds and five year-olds seem to get it and are as excited about it as our generation was all those years ago. I rather thought that with the fast movement of movies and digital technology and all the many blockbusters around that Star Wars might seem a little old-fashioned. But the reverse is true. More people seem to find it more exciting than ever.

Anthony Daniels

One of the things that I'd add, because it comes out of Europe, is LEGO. LEGO Star Wars has so entranced the young generation and the stories through animation, whether it's Clone Wars or the LEGO cartoons, children so relate to those images and stories. And as they grow up they see the films and so on. I regard this as being our pension plan. These young kids will grow up to have kids of their own.

Jeremy Bulloch

For me it's a fairy tale. When I was a young boy my father used to read me these outrageous stories about exciting people in the sky. And there you have Darth Vader, the dark lord, Han Solo, Princess Leia. He rescues Princess Leia. It's an old story and that's why we're all here today. We're reliving our past, the young ones and the old ones. The mums that threw the thirty-five year-olds toys out into the car boot sale. They're here at the convention to enjoy something that we all enjoy.

The Darth Plagueis book and McDiarmid's thoughts about being in a spin-off film,

Ian McDiarmid

The books run alongside but directly relate to the movies themselves. It's a good story and I always felt, although George never gave away any secrets, that the Emperor probably had a very interesting private life. So I've been privately speculating about that. When you build up a character you imagine various things that might have happened. He's solidly evil… All the characters in the movies have backstories and rumour is that one day some of them might be followed up. Here's hoping.

On Chewie, the film scripted by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux which was at one point reportedly being developed by Fanboys director Kyle Newman,

Peter Mayhew

 I've seen the script. As far as I know they were trying to get financing for it. As far as my involvement, I've seen the script, I've looked at it and they're going to have to come back with substantial amounts of money to make it possible because Chewie sounds fine but it all depends on who has written the script, what the script involves and all the technical stuff like that. There are three or four other fan movies, as I call them,  waiting to be made, waiting for finance. As far as I'm concerned if they come to us we'll reconsider. It's not an essential part of life at the moment but it would be nice to do it and have control.

It would appear that Jeremy Bulloch hasn't had a call about being in the next Star Wars film but he has had calls from those that want to be in it.

 Jeremey Bulloch

At the moment people will phone me up and say, 'I don't want to be paid but can you get me in to the new movies, I'll take you out for a meal.' Honestly, all the time… Someone will ring you out of the blue… 'Do you remember me, Mark. Mark Goddard?'… All this chitter chatter and you know what's coming… 'Surely you're in it' and I said, I'm not.

So that's what's happening on a weekly basis. People are asking to be in the films.

My coverage of Star Wars Celebration Europe will continue tomorrow when the convention opens to the public.

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