Robin Williams Gearing Up For A Night At The British Museum, But What About New Co-Stars?

TOSHIBA Exif JPEGTossed aside in The Hollywood Reporter's story on Robin Williams joining the third Night at the Museum film, his ongoing contract negotiations notwithstanding, is this reference to the film's setting:

the action moves to London.

Indeed it does. And that's been the plan for a long time, or at least a plan for a long time. I don't know too much about the details but I do understand that the film might well be A Night at the British Museum, and that Nick, the son of Ben Stiller's central character, is being recast right now as a college age co-lead.

I haven't read the screenplay so I don't know if the senior-junior dynamic will be more Crystal Skull or Journey 3D, or hopefully something else entirely, but expect both Still and NuNick to get their share of the spotlight.

I've been trying to ascertain which of the previous films' supporting actors might be coming back to reprise their turns as living exhibits, but got nowhere. As for new, London-based co-stars, however, I can tell you that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have definitely popped up on lists.

Yeah, lists. You know how stuff like this gets done. Agencies make lists of who they'd submit, studios make lists of who they'd like, the wheels grind around.

I bet Pegg and Frost make it onto a lot of lists. I'd put them on a list or two myself. For now, then, that's definitely not a confirmation of casting, more a nod towards the kind of thinking going on.

We can expect this threequel to get rolling in the new year, some of it actually shot on location in London. I hope director Shawn Levy brings his Real Steel mettle.