Rogue One Reshoots To Address Characters, Not Tone

rogueonejonesThe story of the Rogue One reshoots has gone from "crisis" to characters.

The story began when Page Six published rumors about reshoots and a possible lack of faith in the film and director Gareth Edwards, who recently walked away from the Godzilla sequel. Following that, updates came quick and occasionally unfounded. At one point, the tone of the film — said to lean more toward the war elements than the stars — was said to be the issue and another rumor suggested Edwards was being sidelined so Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie could supervise the additional shooting. A notion McQuarrie denied.

But it all seems the panicked feel behind the talk was without basis. According to Entertainment Weekly, reshoots were always planned, but delayed so Edwards could find the elements he wanted to focus on. In the end, the additional production block will concern strengthening character moments and creating greater clarity in existing sequences, according to their sources.

In following the story, there always seemed to be an undue amount of worry or a fanning of the crisis fires. It reflected the extraordinary amount of interest in Star Wars as an ongoing concern and Disney's attempt to make the series a yearly event. A Skywalker-less Star Wars film project is a new idea. It could seem perilous to those who never played Dark Forces or read the spinoff comics or novels.

And if you want to get your tin-foil hat on, it is also possible someone wanted to sandbag Edwards.

In the meantime, feel free to speculate until July's Star Wars Celebration in London, when the next phase of Rogue One's road to release begins.