Rooney Mara And Martin Sheen Set For Near Future Mystery, Trash


Andy Mulligan's novel Trash is both a mystery and an adventure story set in the near future of an unnamed third world country.

The lead characters are three young boys who find some mysterious objects in a landfill site and, suspicious of the police's over-keen interest, keep the clues hidden and attempt to puzzle out the dangerous conspiracy themselves.

The latest casting notices for the film, which come courtesy of Deadline, tell us that Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen have joined in – though clearly neither of these will play any of the three lead characters.

The script has been written by Richard Curtis, again bringing poverty and third world problems, for want of a less glib-sounding term, to wider attention.

Stephen Daldry is going to direct and, thanks to both the big screen and stage versions of Billy Elliot, he has quite the reputation for discovering young talent. Here's hoping he finds three cracking leads for Trash.