Rumored Rogue One Reshoots Suggest Film In Trouble

rogue oneRogue One: A Star Wars Story may have a difficult road ahead as Page Six claims the project will "go into expensive reshoots over the summer" to align the film with Disney's vision for it.

The film, staring Felicity Jones, Forrest Whittaker and Mads Mikkelsen is the first in Disney's ambitious plan to create a yearly Star Wars film rotation between the saga episodes. The film has to be success and though the Page Six report may feature some hyperbole — referring to the situation as a crisis — it does suggest the project may not be the slam dunk glimpsed in the recent trailer.

A Disney source told the site that reshoots were always anticipated. And while additional shooting often carries a stigma, it is not always an indication that a film is going sour. Granted, it is often the case.

And as Rich pointed out a week back, the Rogue One comics have been cancelled pending re-writes of the script.

The second Star Wars spinoff, a film about the young Han Solo, is set to begin filming early next year with Alden Ehrenreich as the youthful Solo, a script by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan and Lego Movie directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller at the helm.

The next Star Wars saga episode — currently untitled — will open on December 15th, 2017.