Rumour: Agent Carter Series To Start Production Soon For Screening Later This Year


We already knew that Marvel were considering a period-set Agent Carter series for TV, and that if they were to go ahead, Hayley Atwell would star. It also seemed very likely that, if the studio were to put the wheels on motion, it would be for this year's September season of new shows.

So it's maybe just a bit of a punt on the part of The Mirror to run a story with the headline:

Hayley Atwell lands starring role in Captain America spin-off Agent Carter

They could simply be filling pages during this horrendously slow news week with the results of a little Googling and padding.

Though if there is a real reason for them to have run the story, perhaps it's this:

The London-born actress, 31, is about to start work on Agent Carter, which will be out at the end of the year.

Do they have their own sources telling them that Atwell is now signed on and about to start work? Maybe.

Expect to see the seeds of any Agent Carter storyline in the new Captain America movie. You can see Marvel's first run at the concept with the One Shot short included on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray.