Rumour Joins The Dots: Lawrence Kasdan Writing The Boba Fett Spin-Off Movie

boba fett takes aim spin offBefore the prequels, I may have been rather more curious about Boba Fett than I am now – back when he was just a suit of armour, a bad attitude and sort-of glamorous job description.

But now the tin has been opened and we've seen what was on the inside, and where that inside came from, I think the shine has gone off the mystery considerably.

Nonetheless, plans for a Boba Fett spin-off movie are afoot at Lucasfilm, that I'm sure of. And similarly sure is John Schnepp, director of Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. and Kickstarter of the massively ambitious and overfunded Superman Lives documentary.

Schnepp was a guest on the AMC vidcast and, as spotted by The Boba Fett Fan Club and related by Jedi News, said the following:

One of [the Star Wars spin-off movies] is Boba Fett. It is. I know. I know for a fact. I will never reveal my source, but it is the one written by Lawrence Kasdan.

Hardly an earth-shaker, and really just the joining of some dots… dots that were close enough together that you may have already reasonably assumed they were connected.

In the short term, Lawrence Kasdan will be working with JJ Abrams on the final script for Episode VII. Previously, he contributed to the scripts for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Right then. The next dot to be joined? Well, don't be surprised if somebody links Joe Johnston to this project before long. Not only was he the designer of Fett, he's been talking about his desire to direct a film about the fella for years now. Indeed, I'll honestly be surprised if he didn't actually initiate this whole thing with Lucas in the first place, way before the Disney buy-out.