Updated: Brian Michael Bendis Busts Rumours Of Powers Pilot In Trouble

Seemingly eons ago, FX filmed a pilot for a TV procedural based upon Brian Michael Bendis' and Michael Avon Oeming's cops-v-capes comic series, Powers. Then they chewed in it a little while, decided it didn't work, and recast.

Now, apparently, they've gone ahead reshot – though we never did find out who the new cast members were. And, according to Latino Review's gossip at least, this new version was similarly displeasing.

If this is true, what next? Doesn't seem likely that they'll go for a third pass, does it?

Well, this is a ready-made premise for a TV show that blends superhero comics with procedural elements. Basically, it's the SHIELD show without being the SHIELD show and with the added bonus that it's actually adapted from a rather good, well-loved comic.

Got to be worth at least one more try, eh?

UPDATE: And Bendis himself has tweeted a very thorough rebuttal of this rumour.

So there we go. I thought it seemed deeply unlikely another pilot had been filmed without even a tiny bit of casting news making it out.