Russell Crowe For Billy Butcher In The Boys?

As Adam McKay works away on his screenplay adaptation of The Boys, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's tough-as-nails comics about  a government agency created to police the world's superheroes and villains, he's also thinking about who he'd like to cast if and (hopefully) when he gets around to shooting it.

The obvious choice for Wee Hughie would be Simon Pegg, seeing as the character was modelled on him in the first instance, and McKay has made it clear that the role is Pegg's for the taking.

Other roles might require a touch more imagination.

For the role of Billy Butcher, McKay says that he has been considering Russell Crowe. Actually, seeing as Wikipedia describe Butcher as being "physically large and extremely violent" you can forget what I said about requiring imagination. Sounds like Crowe could wear him like a glove.*

Or… hmmm. Billy Butcher is supposed to be British, with a British accent, right? Best remember it back again.Though, having seen Robin Hood, I'm not sure there's enough imagination in the world to leap from "British" to "Russell Crowe".

McKay has told MTV that he's gone so far as to have a meeting with the burlyman actor. This is all before the hard-sell, R-rated, sweary, violent project with a need for a fair sized budget has found a studio home, however – so, while it's encouraging that work is progressing, there's still some ways to go.

*I'm a little bit frightened Crowe will read this article and wear me like a glove. Maybe I'll take a can of mace if I ever go to interview him.