Samsung And Real D To Make The 3D TV Set You Really Want

If you want a 3D TV set, you want it to be high quality. You want the image to be bright, and to overcome the dimming effect of the glasses. You want the glasses to be cheap, but you do don't want the compromise in quality that comes with passive sets. You even want a nice wide viewing angle so you can watch the TV from around the room.

Unfortunately, the TV set that meets all of those requirements isn't available. Yet. But it's going to be.

Samsung and Real D are teaming up, and according to their press release, they're about to unveil a range of 3D TVs tooled up with what they call RDZ technology at the CES. AOK.

How does it work? By putting the active shutter on a nice, bright LCD screen, and not in the specs. Indeed, it's going to work with normal Real D specs. The kind I've already got a dozen of.

Two passages in the press release contain quotes from Real D and Samsung. Here they are:

"RealD is focused on delivering a premium 3D experience on screens of all sizes, from motion picture theatres to consumer electronics, and we look forward to working with Samsung LCD to develop this new 3D display technology," said Bob Mayson, President of Consumer Electronics at RealD. "Patterned-retarder based 3D TV's today reduce 3D video resolution by half for compatibility with passive 3D eyewear. Conversely, RDZ 3D displays deliver a full resolution high definition 3D experience through an active switching LCD panel that can be viewed with the same eyewear used in RealD-equipped theatres and do not compromise 2D image quality."

Seonki Kim, Master of R&D at Samsung Electronics LCD Business, said "We believe all displays should have the same high resolution video and free viewing angles both in 2D and 3D. LCD based RDZ 3D displays will offer consumers the choice of eyewear technologies without compromising image quality, which only active sync 3D technology can do."

Sounds good. When can I buy one?