Scream 5 Is A Sure Thing For Harvey Weinstein

Scream 5 Is A Sure Thing For Harvey WeinsteinI'd like a Scream 5, in theory, but the ending of part 4 seemed to wrap things up in such a way that any new episode could seem rather redundant.

Or maybe there's some clever new twist I've just not thought of, a loophole through which the arc can be curved on further. I hope so. I'd hate them to just put down the pedal when there's nowhere left to go.

MTV have been speaking to Harvey Weinstein, who seems pleased enough with the film's worldwide return of around $100 million on a budget of $40 million or so. I'm glad he's happy with that – it's a good ratio of sow to reap, I'd say, and I'm sure the film will have a long afterlife on DVD and Blu-ray and so on.

Indeed, Weinstein even seems pretty sure that this success means there's going to be a fifth installment:

I'm sure he going to do a sequel, I'm sure he's going to do a sequel.

"He"? Who "he"? MTV suppose that Weinstein meant Wes Craven, though he could easily have meant Kevin Williamson. Or "he" could also be Bob Weinstein, who has a much more direct influence in what Dimension Films make than brother Harvey.

But Id have been happier to hear Weinstein say "they" instead of "he", because I'd like to hear both Williamson and Craven are on board for any future Scream, as unlikely as that seems.