Second, Plottier Trailer For Eli Roth's The Green Inferno

I'm a big fan of Eli Roth and his angry horror movies. Hostel and Hostel 2 count amongst my favourite political movies of the last decade or two.

And The Green Inferno seems to offer more of the same aggressive, biting passion (pun, of course, intended). Here's the second trailer.

I spoke to Roth about his inspirations for the film and he hooked me.

Even though horrible things happen in The Green Inferno it's really as much influenced by Werner Herzog and Terrence Malick, or even something like Apocalypto. It has that adrenalin rush feeling of the last twenty minutes of Hostel stretched out over a longer period but it's very much about student activism.

I don't want to analyse it too much but I always, in my own writing, feel very strongly about certain things. The Green Inferno, in the main, is about the main character, the daughter of a lawyer at the UN. He does everything by policy, and he tells her you can't just run in with your phone and be a cowboy and change things over night. She thinks that because she can stream and tweet and blog… it's like Kony 2012, that's what the movie is about.

More in the original story.

The Green Inferno opens across the US on September 5th. I'm hoping it will play at Frightfest in London at the end of August.