Seth Rogen In Talks To Join James Franco's The Disaster Artist

Tommy_Wiseau_in_The_RoomThere is some debate as to whether or not The Room is the worst movie of all time. It's entertaining in spite of itself, which means it is better than Slipstream; an unwatchable film written, directed, scored by and starring Anthony Hopkins. It also features consistently audible dialogue, which makes it more competent than Birdemic: Shock and Terror. The Room also inspired a special devotion from fans charmed by its poor craftsmanship and the earnest pain buried under the script's naive execution. They also came to enjoy the strange persona of the film's writer/director/producer Tommy Wiseau.

One of those fans is James Franco, who quickly snapped up the rights to The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room. The book, by The Room co-star Greg Sestero with Tom Bissel, tells the tale not only of the making of the film, but his friendship with Wiseau. Franco will play the filmmaker of indeterminate origins — both in front and behind the camera — while his brother, Dave Franco, will play Sestero.

The Tracking Board reports Franco's pal Seth Rogen will also join the film in an undisclosed role. Having read the book, I'd guess he'll play long-suffering script supervisor Sandy Schklair, who ended up wearing many hats during film's six-month shoot and may have salvaged the movie from being as much of a mess as Slipstream.

Production is expected to being in December.