Seven Years Late: The Weinsteins Finally Planning Release For All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Some seven years after they first snapped up the rights, the Weinstein Company are finally going to release Jonathan Levine's debut picture All The Boys Love Mandy Lane and they seem to be asking for us to applaud them.

Check this nonsense out. This comes from the press release announcing the film's "rescue":

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane will be released in late summer – seven years after its Toronto Film Festival Midnight premiere.

RADiUS Co-President Tom Quinn says:  "I've been chasing this film since I first saw it in Toronto. [Executive producer] Keith Calder and I have kept in touch over the years and he's finally been able to wrangle the film from a deal at Senator.

Originally, Harvey and Bob beat us to it in Toronto and now we get to work together to finally bring Mandy Lane to U.S. audiences. This is one of the few horror films that has remained relevant and in the zeitgeist for years – no easy feat – and it still surpasses so much of what is being produced today."

According to Harvey and Bob Weinstein, "We've always loved Mandy Lane and are thrilled that RADiUS shares our passion for the film and will get in front of the widest possible audience."

[Director Jonathan] Levine goes on to say:  "I am thrilled that Mandy Lane has been rescued and is back where it belongs with Harvey and Bob.  Hard to believe it's been seven years, but then again I've always perceived myself as a misunderstood artist who was light years ahead of his time, so I am thrilled the world has finally caught up. Seriously, I am incredibly proud of the film and of the hard work that my cast and collaborators put into it, and I am so happy the world will finally get a chance to see it."

Of course, The Weinsteins could have released this film six or seven years ago instead of dumping it. They sold it off to Senator and only now, after Levine has had hits with 50/50 and, most importantly, Warm Bodies, they've jumped back in to "wrangle" the film free of a deal they brought about in the first place.

Note also that Levine says he is happy now that "the world" will finally get a chance to see his film. But the world has already had a chance. Many chances. It's only in the US where Bob and Harvey locked the film up and later dumped it that the film has gone unseen.

The UK DVD is currently just £3, the UK Blu-ray just £8 – and it's region free. You can import the Blu-ray and play it on any US deck.*

The Twitter blurb for Radius TWC promises that they are:

dedicated to making the highest quality films available where, when, and how you want them.

Oops. When I want them? How about seven years ago, fellas? I'd settle for five, even – when Optimum put the film out in the UK. Here's their trailer, now rather vintage. A flashback to the early days of Amber Heard.


I wonder what audience is left for this film in the US? I guess The Weinsteins aren't banking on those who have actually been keen to see it – ie. those who already imported it, or maybe even stole it from the torrents. I'll bet you anything that Warm Bodies plays quite a big part of their marketing strategy…

*There are supplements that play in SD PAL so you'll need a deck that can handle that if you want to watch the trailer or interviews.