Sharknado 3 Is Happening. I Feel Like I Should Apologise But I Won't

sharknado Sharknado wasn't a hit because of its cast, its story, its filmmaking, even an expensive marketing campaign.

It was a hit – a social media hit, that is, I can't vouch for viewing figures or sales – because it was called Sharknado.

I remember the night I pushed Hannah Shaw-Williams to write about the film for us the very first time around. She nailed it. Her story absolutely perfectly captured what the appeal was.

The film's writer later credited Bleeding Cool, by name, for our part in lighting the fire of hype under this film.

So we did play some sort of role in all of this. We put a bit of our energy into it.

Now that SyFy have announced a third film, due to screen next Summer, I almost feel like we should apologise. But no. These films don't really need an apology. They're silly and they're stupid and there are an almost infinite amount of better things that SyFy could be spending their money on, but there is something here that caught the public's imagination.

And I can see that. There is something special about a tornado made out of sharks.

It remains to be seen what the premise of the third film will be. The second is apparently centred on New York. We'll all get to enjoy that in just a few weeks.