Simpsons Lego TV Show Coming, Plus More Details Of The Simpsons Lego Toy Range

simpsons legoIt's very unlikely that you'll have come across the website Nerdly before though I did toss them a couple of links back when they were called Blogomatic 3000. If you have spent any time looking at the site, though, you'll know that they rather like Lego. Can't say I blame them, it's excellent stuff.

And you'll also see that they've spent none of their time on spurious, made up rumours. It's very much to their credit that they don't cry wolf.

So when I see they're declaring a Scoop about Simpsons Lego today, I have no reason to doubt it. None at all. In fact, my only questions would be about how they sourced this information. Sneaky.

Anyway. According to Nerdly, the Simpsons Lego toys that I first reported on months and months ago will be coming to the UK next April. As well as a Simpsons House set there's going to be a blind bagged set of minifigs. I can see that doing some damage to people's fun money. And by people plural I mean "my wife and I have a joint account."

But the best bit of the story is word that this Simpsons Lego is to be accompanied by a Simpsons Lego TV show, something like the Yoda Chronicles specials or that other Star Wars silliness they've offered over the years.

These shows don't ever look as good as The Lego Movie, thanks to scale of budget, but they're very sweet and all the program makers need to do to ensure this one is at least a bit funny is to borrow some writers from the actual Simpsons.

And if they want it to be really, properly funny, borrow some writers from the actual Simpsons circa 1994.

I guess there's a possibility that this will be an actual episode of The Simpsons, just with a different look. That'd be neat.

Do note, incidentally, that Nerdly's comments on The Simpsons Lego toys apply only to the UK but, as far as I'm aware, Lego do tend to release the same products internationally.

UPDATE: The Simpsons' director David Silverman confirmed the episode via Twitter.