Some Intriguing Monsters Inc. 2 Updates – Who's Back, Who Isn't

Disney veteran Floyd Norman has dropped a few teasing tweets about Monsters Inc. 2, and while they don't exactly blow the bloody doors off of Pixar's Vault of Secrecy, they're more than a little intriguing.

It started on 25 March, with this:

Don't be afraid. Pixar screens "Monsters2" at Disney this morning. Don't ask. I know nothing.

And proceeded through:

Nice to see a new director helming Pixar's "Monsters2." Very refreshing.

Don't worry. Pixar will tell you when they're ready.

Ending today with:

Welcome back, Mike and Sully, we've missed you. Yeah, you too, Randall.

So, we can take away from this that a) Pete Docter is not directing Monsters Inc. 2, and b) that Randall will reappear. If you'll allow me to stretch a little, I'll point out that Norman only ever calls the film Monsters 2, no Inc. included.

This sits nicely with a previous rumour that the film will be a prequel, seeing Mike and Sully at Scare School.

So – just Monsters 2? Monsters Academical? Monsters U? As the man said, I'm sure Pixar will tell us when they're ready.