Some New Back To The Future Something Is Coming But What? – UPDATED: Mystery Solved

I never really thought of film producer Frank Marshall as a man of mystery, but he's just set my head to itching more than it has in many a moon with his most enigmatic tweet to date.

I don't know if we should jump to any conclusions yet, but something is going on. Look:

[blackbirdpie url="!/LeDoctor/status/111574961596010496"]

Marshall was an Executive Producer on all three Back to the Future films. I have no idea how closely he worked on them, but he's got the credit. And it looks like he's in the know on just what Universal and/or Robert Zemeckis have planned for the movies now.

Because the trilogy was issued to Blu-ray late last year (it's a brilliant set, buy it) and the first film also returned to cinemas around the same time, nicely remastered in a 2k digital version, I think we can cross straight-up theatrical re-releases and home entertainment off of the list of possible explanations…

…well, unless the whole trilogy is headed back to cinemas. That's a quiet little maybe.

But other options are some kind of sequel or some kind of remake or reboot. It seems to be happening to everything else, so why not Back to the Future?

I know it won't make anybody over the age of thirty five too happy, but there's a lot of eighteen to twenty five year olds out there with more cash than reverence.

But, actually, my hunch is that the films are being upconverted to 3D for a reissue in that format, first in cinemas then on 3D Blu-ray. Zemeckis is definitely a supporter of the 3D format.

Having recently seen some of the 3D Titanic and all of the 3D Lion King, I should say that I think the process not only can work, it has worked. There's no reason the Doc and Marty couldn't enjoy a similar success and some new 3D, side-versions of the films exist, not replacing the originals just supplementing them.

I'd be surprised if Marshall would drop a tweet like that too far in advance of a press release or official reveal, so I'd expect the answer won't be more than days away. I'll be keeping 'em peeled.

UPDATE: And it's… none of the above. Nike have just sent out press invitations to a special event tomorrow. A Little Bleeder has received their invite… in a box with a pair of Doc Brown's wraparounds. They're expecting to see Nike launch the power-lacing shoes Marty wore in the future.

SECOND UPDATE: Tech Crunch have a picture of the shades. They too are expecting to see Air Mags brought to life, a few years ahead of schedule.