Sophie Evans, Rose Reynolds And Samantha White Head To The World's End

Sophie Evans was a contestant on the BBC talent show Over The Rainbow, one of those Lloyd-Webber promotional affairs in which they broadcast auditions for a Dorothy on the TV for weeks on end, the better to drum up hype for a West End production of The Wizard of Oz. She did not win but, later in the stage show's run took over the lead role nonetheless.

It was an atrocious production, however. Drab and badly staged, flatly adapted. Some of the songs, from the MGM musical, are bulletproof, but they still came out with a few scratches.

Nevermind. Onwards and upwards.

Having a look through Twitter I see that Evans has joined the cast of Edgar Wright's The World's End.

Digging through literally hundreds of other tweets I could divine that she's doing many, if not all, of her scenes with another pair of actresses, Rose Reynolds and Samantha White.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is that their scenes seem to be set in a pub called The Mermaid.

The various chapters of The World's End, as the film's lead characters go on their epic pub crawl, take them from inn to inn, hostelry to hostelry, and each is named in a way that's narratively apt. The last pub is called The World's End.

So… three young women, in a pub called The Mermaid? Well, I don't know what it means, but I know it's not a coincidence. There's something fishy about it, etc. etc. etc.

Rose Reynolds made a tweet that fleshes things out a little:

Unconventional how, I wonder? Because she has scales? Because she's one of the alien invaders we're expecting to crop up in the film? Both?

Pegg stirred the pot a little too but throwing out a #FF to the girls (that's twitter talk, kids) and saying:


Well, the M is likely Mermaid, right? Sisters? Are they a band? At least Evans can sing, maybe they all can, or play.

And being a "love interest" suggests a meaningful part, though to be honest, these could be utterly tiny roles for all we know. Or they could be quite significant.

Either way, they've piqued my interest.