Source Code Premieres Tonight – So Here's A Lot Of Source Code Stuff To Celebrate

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool:

Source Code, the much awaited follow-up to Duncan Jones' critically acclaimed Moon, premieres tonight. It will open the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, at 7pm local time and before it we will see Duncan walk the red carpet with stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan.

As well as being a regular writer for Bleeding Cool, I've had the pleasure of writing about Jake's movies over the years at Wet Dark and Wild and tonight is one of those major occasions. Intensified because Jake Gyllenhaal + Duncan Jones = something very special. So, while Brendon disappears into a darkened cinema for a few hours, I've been given free rein to spread some love for Source Code on its big night.

This love comes in the shape of, first of all, some new publicity stills…

..,and now a video which seeks to explain the meaning of source code. This might be somewhat spoilery and so comes with a SPOILER WARNING.


We also have a selection of posters in a wide range of languages, including a poster from Thailand which sees a train burst out of Jake's throat. You might want to have some 3D specs handy to take a look at these at the other two ( which come via Cine1).

Duncan Jones, who wears better t-shirts than any other director I can think of, is giving us an inside look into his Source Code publicity trail through a Source Code Film blog. But before he set off, Duncan was interviewed by Wired. In addition to calling Jake a smart, funny cookie, Duncan has this to say about Source Code and its relation to Moon:

Source Code is a little softer science than Moon, which I would posit is pretty hard science fiction. I believe there will be some kind of mining setup on the moon at some point in the future. The Chinese are already working on plans about how they could do that.

As far as what we're doing on Source Code, without giving away too much, I would say that we play around with alternative and parallel realities, talking about how that might work and how one might get access to it. We're taking quite a big leap but you know, a few years ago we wouldn't have believed teleportation would be possible even if it's on the molecular level or quantum level, and now we're talking about the idea that it is possible.

And we wouldn't have thought that [invisibility] cloaking devices might become a reality. These things are becoming possible, even if it's not exact way we thought they would.

From the very beginning Source Code has been associated with Inception and Groundhog Day due to its timewarping and Jones had a response to that:

I knew nothing about Inception when we started working on it but I have to admit: When we heard Inception was coming out, there was a lot of nervousness on our part, not because of the subject matter, but because we wondered, "Is there an audience out there for this kind of film?" So when Inception became such a big movie, it gave us an awful lot more confidence to push things even that little bit more and make the film even a little more surreal in places than we had originally intended.

Duncan had wanted to sell Jake his own project – one imagines this would have been Mute* – but Jake ended up selling Duncan his. But after this, and on the strength of this, Jones has hopes that his own project will be next. He doesn't give much away, just this:

Other than the fact that it will be another science fiction piece, the story has a very different approach than Source Code, since I will have written it.

Source Code opens in the UK and US on 1 April. But who's counting…?

*Editor's note: Nope. Not Mute in this case… something… secret…