Spy Hunter Movie Gets Zombieland's Director, New Writers

Spy Hunter Movie Gets Zombieland's Director, New WritersThere's been a lot of time and money spent on trying to make a movie of the 1983 videogame Spy Hunter. Why? Probably because it has a trailer-friendly combo of that title, and that car: the one that spews Wacky Races-style oil slicks and nips into the back of the "weapons van" for a power-up every now and then.

I can imagine there's still some fanboy love for this game out there – my generation can just about remember it, I think. I've got some recollection of it, that's for sure. At least the stuff with the van and the way it droned a chiptune version of the Peter Gunn theme at me.

Previous directors attached to the film have included John Woo and, with a certain degree of inevitability, Paul W.S Anderson. The latest, say Vulture, is Ruben Fleischer, the man behind Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less, not to mention the upcoming Gangster Squad.

It's believed that he's going to want to bring on new writers for a new draft. What style could they be going for here?

I'd think something like Our Man Flint would be a step too far… but I can't see this working like modern Bond, and certainly not serious-ass Bourne. For me, the most intriguing thing will be finding out what tone the film will be pitched at.

The first clues to that are likely to come with the appointment of writers, definitely by the time they start casting. A few years ago I'd have said Owen Wilson has this in the bag.