SPY REPORT: Alex Reid Researching GI Joe – Looks Like He's Up For A Role In Retaliation

We Brits didn't have GI Joe, so much, until the 80s cartoon crossed over to our breakfast TV and opened the way for a transatlantic toyvalanche. Before that, we just had Action Man instead. He was taller, better looking, and definitely more capable of moving his gaze left and right on the horizontal plane.

So as long as there's no Action Man movie on the cards, and I can't imagine there ever will be, if British performers want to play Big Budget Toy Soliders, their best bet would be a turn in a GI Joe picture. There are some British characters in Joe lore, Rich tells me, including Lt. Dolphin and… erm… Big Ben.

Of course there's a British GI Joe character called Big Ben. Of course.

Now, Alex Reid, the sometime companion of Katy Price and current showbeau of Big Brother fraudster Chantelle Houghton, has recently stopped by Orbital Comics in London and loaded up with lots and lots of GI Joe comic books. This is, of course, while casting is ongoing for the new film, GI Joe: Retaliation.

What we don't know is if The Reidinator has a role or not, and nobody seems to be able to tell us. I'm still waiting for a reply from his reps on the matter. But we think he's up for the part, at the very least.

And maybe, maybe, he won't be playing a Brit and they'll just be using his Mixed Martial Arts skills, not his accent.

GI Joe: Retaliation will be in cinemas next Summer, with or without The Reidinator. I think I prefer with. Jon M. Chu is directing and the cast will include The Former Rock and The RZA. I'm not sure anybody who doesn't go by a definite article will be allowed on camera next time.