Stallone's Big Ideas For The Expendables 3 Involve Geeks And Girls… And Sigourney Weaver

Walter Hill's Bullet to the Head has this week premiered at the Rome Film Festival where it was greeted as a defiantly old-fashioned throw back to the VHS-era of buddy cop schtick. To promote the film, Sylvester Stallone took part in some interviews and during one, with Best Movie (thanks to AntoBlueberry), spilled his big ideas for the next Expendables movie – his other 80s-fuelled nostalgic indulgence.

While maybe not the sci-fi picture I was previously expecting, Sly's plans do seem set to shake the formula up considerably. He said:

The Expendables… they're broken up, they're shot, they've had it, they're done. We have to hire new us, we have to find new Expendables, but there are none! They don't make people like us anymore; they are all like robots. So I can go out and hire five young guys, but they're the new army, they got drones and technology, but they're not like us. Remember in Tropic Thunder? Just like those guys!

Or maybe that won't work. He's got another idea too:

There's another combination, and it involves girlfriends. Say I got divorced, say I am married to Sigourney Weaver, then she gets half the Expendables, she gets what I call The Expendabelles. So I need help and I have to go to her. And I'd like to have like Michelle Rodriguez, Gina Carano. It'll be something like that, very different.

Sounds like the plan, for now, is to do one or the other or just something in that vein, not to mix both of those ideas together in one – one Expendables sequel couldn't take both nerds and girls.

I can't see the robo-drone alternative gaining too much traction – not unless the tech is proven ineffective pretty early and the beefcake come parachute in to save the day once again.

While he doesn't seem to have settled on how to stir the pot just yet, Stallone is at least aware things do need a change:

The main thing is it can't be about us! We're done. We need to bring in new blood. And you bring in geeks and girls and women, people who are different.

Not "about us"? Well, that's pretty drastic. Maybe he's finding it hard to get the old guys to sign on for more of this gruelling business, or maybe he's just reacting to numerous reviews with Grandpa or Zimmer Frame or just Embarrassment writ large in the headlines.

Millennium Films were chasing sales for The Expendables 3 at AFM so whatever it's about, it's going to happen. If I just accept that as a given, I guess I'll root for a really disruptive new formula…

…so have you considered stop motion yet, Sly? Motion capture? Getting some kids in Epping Forest to Swede their own version?