Stan Lee Spills On His Amazing Spider-Man Cameo

Should you want to know the circumstances of Stan Lee's cameo in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, The Man himself  gave the game away at this weekend's Dallas Comic-Con. Naughty Stan.

I've done a wee transcript, or you can watch a video of Lee's spillage below that.

There's a big battle going on with Spider-Man and The Lizard in a Library. I'm the librarian. I'm stamping books… and I have earphones on and I'm listening to music… and this life and death battle is going on behind me but I don't know, it I don't hear them… it looks so funny and I look so dumb.


That's Zack Snyder sitting next to Stan, probably thanking his lucky stars that he's working on a DC-derived picture and not a Marvel one.

Thanks to SHH for the vid.

UPDATE: Not what I thought John Romita Jr. looked like.