Stephen King's Bad Little Kid To Be A Movie By DVD Special Features Master Laurent Bouzereau

bad-little-kid Stephen King apparently took a trip to Europe late last year and received such a warm welcome on France and Germany that he has gifted them a new short story, Bad Little Kid. It was published as an eBook in those countries as pay back for the hospitality.

I assume the rest of us will get our chance to read the story soon. The premise, as explained by The Hollywood Reporter, sounds rather like The Twilight Zone's It's a Good Life from a different perspective. Well, a bit.

The supernatural story centers on a man whose life changes forever when he realizes that a mysterious boy is causing the deaths of people he loves.

Well, I already want to know what the pay off is, so that's certainly not a bad idea.

Like almost everything else Stephen King ever wrote, Bad Little Kid has been optioned for a movie adaptation. The twist this time is that it's been optioned by Laurent Bouzereau, director of the documentary A Night at the Movies: The Horrors of Stephen King.

Now, I hadn't heard about that film until today but now I'm keen to see it and watch:

King discussing horror films and their popularity with moviegoers.

Bouzereau's history is in producing and directing supplements for DVDs and Blu-rays. The studios seem to be cutting off the air supply to that sector, and fast, so now is a good time for him to make the move to fiction.

I'd expect this to move ahead in the independent sector and fairly fast. Could be a cracker, though.