Stephen Rider Joins Daredevil Season 2 Cast

Stephen+RiderDeadline reports that Stephen Rider has joined Netflix's Daredevil as a regular in its second season. He will be playing Blake Tower, a New York City Assistant District Attorney who "helps Charlie Cox's Daredevil — a lawyer in his civilian identity as Matt Murdock — with information to help track down and capture criminals." With his position as a regular, his part will be central enough for him to not only appear in most episodes, but get a credit with the rest of the main cast in the show's excellent opening sequence.

As my Daredevil knowledge is far from encyclopedic, I took a quick read of the Marvel Wikia site to learn more about the character and was amused by this part of Tower's description:

He introduced Daredevil to Uri Geller to have them take down Mind-Wave

Geller was a mentalist in the 1970s, who road to television fame on talk or variety shows where he bent spoons, seemingly, with the power of his mind. His powers were eventually debunked by professional skeptic James Randi, though some still maintain Geller's powers are real. It seems during his fame, Stan Lee asked that he be added to an issue of Daredevil.

Somehow, I doubt Geller will appear on the series when it returns to Netflix next year.